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DOEs, MEMS and other microstructures replication

There are a number of techniques that can be used to replicate diffractive optical elements (DOEs), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS, also referred to as micro-machines in Japan, or micro systems in Europe), and other surface relief microstructures. The popular methods include embossing, injection moulding and casting.

Generally speaking, casting is most suitable for high-quality and small quantities replication in laboratories. Injection moulding is a technique adapted from the well-established compact disks (CDs) production. It is the most popular replication technique in mass production. Embossing is a trade-off approach between injection moulding and casting.

Wuxi OptonTech Ltd uses hot embossing to replicate DOEs, MEMS and other surface microstructures. We offer very high precision replication services. Please contact us for details.

Top-hat beam shaping elements

Image generation (general beam shaping) elements

Beam splitting elements

Beam homogenizer (diffuser)

Microlens array

Phase gratings for optical linear encoders

DOEs for motion sensing and gesture recognition systems

Laser keyboard by a diffractive optical element

DOEs and other surface microstructures replication

Fused silica, quartz and sapphire wafers

TIFF / BMP to GDSII conversion

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