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The world's first holographic mobile phone passed appraisal

The world's first holographic mobile phone Takee has passed the identification process in the "Scientific and Technological Achievements Appraisal Meeting", which was organized by Shenzhen High Tech Industrial Association, on September 29th. The experts in the meeting think that the project carried out by Shenzhen E-Star Technology Group Ltd has developed highly efficient real-time eye tracking technology and display system self calibration technology. The experts said E-star had realized the air touch function on mobile phones. These achievements are the innovation of traditional smart mobile phones. E-Star has applied for 41 patents for inventions in the development process, among them 2 have been authorized.

The experts presented in the Scientific and Technological Achievements Appraisal Meeting of Takee Holographic Mobile Phone come from the following Universities and Institutes: School of Information Engineering of Peking University, Fujian Institute of Material Structure of China Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Technology, Institute of Advanced Technology of China Academy of Sciences, DuPont Research Center, Hong Kong Gao-Ping Science and Technology Co Ltd, Shenzhen Ying-Lun Science and Technology Co. Ltd., E-Star Technology Group, Shenzhen High Tech Industrial Association.

Authorized by the Innovation of Science and Technology Commission of Shenzhen City, Shenzhen High Tech Industry Association hosted the appraisal meeting. Experts reviewed the holographic mobile phone project development technical report and other technical reports, and watched the scene demonstration. After sufficient discussion, the final appraisal report has been formed. The appraisal report said that, the project is based on dynamic spatial location information and 3D model based real-time rendering, combined with new "personal digital holographic" multi view liquid crystal lens grating display screen display technology. The whole project developed efficient real time eye tracking technology, display system self calibration technology, and realized the air touch function on mobile phones. The results of the project is practical. The overall technology has reached the international advanced and leading domestic level. The experts of the Identification Committee have agreed to pass the scientific and technological achievements appraisal.

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