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Phase grating for optical linear encoder

Optical linear encoders dominate the high resolution market compared to other types of linear encoders, e.g. magnetic, capacitive, and inductive ones. This is because optical linear encoders are advantageous in terms of measuring range, precision and response speed.

Phase gratings are one of the most important parts in optical linear encoders. As a position sensor with very high resolution, an optical linear encoder usually uses infrared LED, visible LED, small light bulbs or diode laser as its light source. They are widely used in various lathes, machining centers, automation equipment, and measuring devices. They can used in either linear or rotary way. The precision ranges from several hundred microns to submicron or even as small as one nanometer.

Optical linear encoders are essential parts in modern industry. They not only represent a high precision, but also significantly improve the productivity.

Wuxi OptoTech Ltd provides a wide range of high precision phase gratings at competitive prices to meet the diverse requirements of optical linear encoders.

Top-hat beam shaping elements

Image generation (general beam shaping) elements

Beam splitting elements

Beam homogenizer (diffuser)

Microlens array

Phase gratings for optical linear encoders

DOEs for motion sensing and gesture recognition systems

Laser keyboard by a diffractive optical element

DOEs and other surface microstructures replication

Fused silica, quartz and sapphire wafers

TIFF / BMP to GDSII conversion

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