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Non-diffraction Bessel-like beam generated by LED light

Non-diffraction Bessel-like beam can be generated by LED light. This has been demonstrated for the first time by Zhiming Cheng, Fengtie Wu, et al., scientists from Huaqiao University, China. The work has been published by Scientia Sinica [Physica, Machanica & Astronomica, or China Science, (Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy)], one of the top Chinese Scientific Journals, in August 2012.

For the first time, a Bessel-like beam generated by monochromatic LED light was reported. In order to improve the spatial coherence of LED light, an aperture was used in the carefully designed optical system. After LED light passing through the optical system, an axicon was used and a Bessel-like beam was generated. The measured size of the central spot of the output Bessel-like beam and the maximum non-diffraction distance were in good agreement with the theoretical predictions. Finally, the paper investigated the effects of the aperture size on the Bessel beam quality. It was found that larger apertures results in increased intensity but reduced contrast.

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